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The Garden Tool Shed

* The effective garden tool kit organic gardeners rely on,
* Both traditional & new gardening tools & accessories,
* Discover what you really need, how it works, & how to use it...

This page is about everything that goes inside your garden tool shed. open the garden tool shed door Here I share with you my practical experience of choosing and using garden tools.

You won't find chemical herbicides and insecticides in my garden tool shed today, but you will find gardening tools that my Dad would have loved to use. So I look at the best traditional garden gear alongside innovative new designs.

And I may be able to introduce you to a few handy accessories too - for the potting shed, greenhouse, or to go out in the garden. So let me lead you to how these helpful garden aids are used in gardening today.

I'm looking for gardening tools that:
  • Get the job done effectively,
  • Are comfortable to use,
  • Are light and durable... ... ...

You'll find more on garden power tools - hedge trimmers, shredders, lawn mowers... further down the page. But let's start with manual garden tools.

On The Move With Gardening Tools
And The Family

For me the usual way to gardening work goes through this versatile Interchangeable Tool System. For cultivators, hoes, rakes, plus a range of unique gardening tool heads, I find this gardening kit does a great job.

And if you garden as a family or community you can take advantage of different handle lengths. These work with specialised tools for gardening and around the house. Indeed a highly compact and portable system.
There's more on this link about how these multi-change tools make my gardening easy to do...
And they easily fit into a garden tool shed or car boot - Go straight to them on this link.

The Essential Garden Spades and Forks

There's nothing more traditional to gardening than spades and forks. I can't imagine gardening without them (but see links on digging below). My priorities include durability and a comfortable ergonomic design. I examine all the main features on these links to garden spades and garden forks.

Make the most of your tools and energy with links on How To Hoe, Dig And Fork The Garden Over below...

Are you a weekend gardener
With Paths, Walls, Rockeries and Flower Borders?

Many gardeners simply like to maintain a neat garden and plant up a few containers and borders. You may have to contend with tricky jobs like extracting weeds, or do mass planting in your flower beds and containers.

Therefore along with pointers on how I tackle small gardening jobs the next link reveals the small but effective gardening hand tools that I use. You'll also find some especially comfortable ergonomically designed tools.

How To Dig And Fork Your Garden Over

Using gardening tools may come naturally to you. But I have watched many people who don't do it right - and they risk strain, injury, hard work and disappointment. So on the next link take my advice on gardening exercise and you can review how to use digging spades and forks properly.

Plus find a different way to dig the garden with long handled mattocks. These tools have proven to work faster than a garden spade. Find more on gardening with mattocks.

You can also get to know how to handle long handled tools on this link where I describe two techniques for hoeing, cultivating and raking etc... I review the features of garden rakes and various garden hoes - coming soon on these links.

How to Tackle Smaller Gardening Jobs And
Find Ergonomic Gardening Tools

Find my ergonomic methods with small gardening tools on this link.

Garden Clear-up Tidy Tools

Clearing up is the most tedious job after lawn mowing, hedge cutting, or fall leaves etc... It's enough to make many gardeners postpone important jobs. But the gardening equipment on this link will make clearing up easier.

Room For The Big Beasts Of Gardening
Power tools can provide a more uniform and consistent finish
to your garden.

You can find power tools for your garden right here, with notes about suitable equipment and its usage on - lawn - hedge - cultivating and organic waste disposal.

Size Up A Garden Tool Shed

Do you have enough room for all the essentials? Instead of a new garden shed you might consider an outdoor tool cabinet or garden bunker. I find them useful for storing aggregates, homemade potting compost, leaf mold and fertilizers. But there are cabinets suitable for children's toys, long handled tools, and log piles.

My garden tool shed is essential. In addition to storing pots, trays and garden tools I use it as a potting shed to sow in boxes, prick out and pot on. It is conveniently located down the garden near to my greenhouse where all the action is. I'm planning to make a green roof.

If your shed is inadequate? Do you wish that you could start with a 'blank sheet'? Then take a look at my link to evaluate garden tool sheds for their purpose.

    Gardening Tools available in the U.K.
TITLE=   ++   Gardening Tools available in the U.K.

    Aids To Keep You Gardening Longer And
    More Comfortably.

    My Garden Tool Shed - Favourite Tools That I Use.


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