My Organic Gardening Web Site Links

This page provides links to gardening web sites and, gardening products available online. Web sites indicated * are excellent.


Flower Gardening Web Sites

Flowers & Garden Pictures - a resource for beginning gardeners and flower enthusiasts incl. indoor and container gardening, flower gardening basics, working with fresh flowers and a lot of flower pictures.
Fleuroselect - the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry. The Fleuroselect Gold Medal is a mark of plant breeding excellence and Fleuroselect Quality Award indicates plants that advance on the current standard.
All-America Selections - promote new garden seed varieties with superior garden performance. The quality standard for plants tested and proven in America.

  • More from the Organic Gardener on:- flower gardening with specific information on: container gardening, perennials, growing seeds and plants, winter flowers... ...

On Organic Fertilizers

The Basics of Organic Fertilizers - notes on fertilizers, compost, mulch, insects, zone hardiness & more for beginners to organic gardening
Some more on blood meal

    Gardener's Supply Company

  • More pages from the Organic Gardener on:- organic fertilizers Click Here with specific information on: blood fish & bone, dried manure, bone meal, fish fertilizers, seaweed, comfrey & many more... ...

Organic Weed Control

PennState College of Agricultural Science - academic report - compares acetic acid & branded broad-spectrum weed killers.

Gardener's Supply Company

On Lawns

*History of Lawn Mowers - the lawn mower museum has fascinating pictures of early lawn mowers & more ...

Cultivate Fertile Garden Soil

There are too few gardening web sites about soil, improving fertility and cultivation methods. Here's a few of my pages:

... and try these gardening sites about garden soil:
Home Gardening Soil Improvement - takes a good look at your home garden soil, talks about soil improvement & helps you to understand how healthy garden soil works.

Landscaping Design & Gardening Arid Sites

Here's an R.H.S. Award Winning Garden Designer based in Sheffield U.K. who can change your ideas into a real garden.

Moher Flagstone - attractive natural stone bearing fossil tracks of marine worms...
*Paving Expert - a comprehensive website about laying paths, drives, hard & soft surfaces, & landscape mulching materials used...
Geosynthetics Limited - check out biodegradable LandLok for erosion control, & Duoblock & Turfpave for grass protection & gravel retention ...
Avant Gardening - about sustainable organic gardening & design, with workshops etc... Frank & Vicky Giannangelo have farmed in San Juan Islands WA State & in New Mexico
Guzman's Greenhouse - located in New Mexico - find out about xeriscaping drought plants and more...
Plant Ideas - gives more ideas & resources for gardening design

U.K. Allotment Gardening Web Sites, Directories & Forums

U.K. Allotments - provides a growing information base for allotment gardeners & growers, & access to a gardening forum while Allotments UK is a comprehensive allotment gardening directory with a gardening advice forum.

garden links

More Gardening Directories & Forums

The Gardening Web Sites Directory - a large and comprehensive direcory for gardeners - now you can find what you're looking for.
All Links Directory - if you've been looking for something else, perhaps this directory will help.
Add your URL to free gardening directory ... publish your story... more websites...

More Gardening Web Site Resources

Gotta Grow Gardening Articles - provides information from gardening articles on many different topics and many different authors. There's also tips on writing your own articles.
Gardening Guides - hundreds of articles about flower, vegetable & fruit gardening, garden design with tips & tricks

On Growing Seeds & Plants

Heirloom Seeds - seeds of all kinds for your garden, including vegetable seeds, bulk seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, cucumber seeds,  tomato seeds, chile seeds & many more types of seeds! Also links to more fruit & veg growing. Credit cards, mail order & paypal all accepted.
Nickys Nursery - a good place to find wildflower seeds & grass seed mixes - an organic garden friendly site. Can deliver worldwide

Home & Gardening Web Sites

Easy Vegetable Gardening - information on growing vegetables & easy vegetable gardening.

Organic Gardening, Herbs & Health

Home Herb Gardening - get healthy with herbs & learn how 'small' means sustainable with herb gardening & business in Australia.
Garden Organic - represents organic gardeners in U.K. & overseas. A registered charity, they depend on donations to support research, education, & work in environmentally friendly growing methods.
'No-Dig Gardening' - 'No-Dig Gardening' - Alan Titchmarsh explains this important organic gardening technique
No-Dig-Vegetable Garden - full of information on gardening as well as about "no dig gardening"

Native Rain Garden - try making an organic rain garden of native wildflowers & insect eating animals & pollinators.

Gardening Tips & Tricks

*David Hobson's Garden Humour - garden jokes, garden stories & an hilarious look at your gardening habits. Recommended gardening web site "to boldy grow where no one has groan before"

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