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An Organic Gardening Gift Basket

* Gifts for earth friendly people,
* Gifts for passionate gardeners, and their families,
* Practical and beautiful organic gifts are here...

My gardening gift basket comes from an earth friendly home and thinking like a gardener. Here you'll find insights to practical gifts and links to some delightful things for a dad, mom, the children and your home.

Earth Friendly Gifts And Ideas For Your Health And Home

Outstanding! I can think of nothing more delightful than a Culinary Herb Wreath, but is there really such a thing? Look no further if you live in America.
Herb Wreath icon
This attractive organically grown wreath of herbs adds fragrance to your kitchen and taste to your meals. Herb Wreath for American kitchen gardeners icon

Bay Leaf Garland icon
How about a Year Long Supply Of Organic Bay Leaf For Cooking. You can have it ready made into an attractive garland that will decorate and scent your home.
<<   Bay Leaf Garland - America only icon

Lavender has a delightful fragrance and can be used to keep clothes moths away.
To save breathing in all those synthetic sprays, why not hang this Lavender Tie icon in a warm place and shake it around your room to freshen it up.

You get even closer to the fragrance and soothe your aches and pains with the Aromatherapy Gifts on this link. A Lavender Wrap, Aroma Wrap and Happy Mitts are just a few of the items that will help you relax. Why not add Aroma Therapy to your Gardening Gifts Basket. icon
icon icon

Pretty fresh flowers growing in your home - what beats that?...

 How about 6 or even 12 months of flowers growing in your home! 

That's just one example of several flower gardening gift baskets on this link. You'll also find fragrant flower baskets for your home - all available to my American visitors here. icon

My U.K. Flower selections are presently on this link.

Hanging Basket
does summer
flowers too

You Can Make Up A Perfect Kitchen Gardening Gift Basket In Many Ways

You could even fill these baskets with your favourite fresh fruit as a gift.

They say it's the thought that counts. Well here are a few ideas just for a gardener.

icon icon

Practical Help To Bring A Little More Comfort

Here's a nice piece of kit to help anyone with difficulty bending and kneeling in the garden. A padded kneeler is especially useful to:
  • Keep your knees warm and dry on damp ground,
  • To help you stand up from a kneeling position,
  • To sit on while taking a rest,
  • The kneeler pictured has a tool bag to keep your tools tidy, in one place, ready to hand.

Get a Garden Kneeler here to garden in the U.K.
Begin your own
flower gardening
gift basket
with this aid

Get the Garden Kneeler Here in America

Small Gardening Tools - They Get Lost or Wear Out -
 So They Always Make Nice Gifts 

Small gardening tools are easily wrapped and always make nice gifts - but for a gift - look for good quality. These small essential items for pruning and trimming are on the links below. You'll find Felco pruners too - they come in several ergonomically designed models, adjustable with sharp blades, and replacement parts. That's just for example... for your chance to try something new - click below.

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Compare With
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Gardener's Supply Company

Small Gifts For Children Will Set Them On The Right Path

  • The are children's gifts in the search box panel below...
    and you will be able to combine all your gift orders from this very competitive online catalog.


Relax, Put Your Feet Up, And Read This Winter
- Organic Gardening Book Gifts Are Here -

Knowledge is a great gift that empowers people. Give a gardening book to a budding gardener this year and see how they grow.

Add a few vouchers for gardening tools and plants and you have made a lovely gardening gift basket. My choice of expert gardening books are on this link.

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