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My Own Top Gardening Tools Give Me
An All-Around Interchangeable System...

* Specialised tool heads to make gardening work easier,
* More compact storage and portability,
* Great for family, community & mobile gardeners,

Long-handled gardening tools are often limited to rake, hoe, and 3-pronged cultivator. But they simply can’t tackle the wide range of gardening jobs properly. And there is an easier way to do the job.

After saving myself hours of hard effort I write with experience. So let me show you what I discovered when I put the multi-change gardening tools on this page to the test. Here I describe what I found through my own practical experience - and I give credit where it's due - you'll find some of the tools in the panels
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Clearly these gardening tools are specially designed for purpose as they work better than ordinary tools. So I was delighted. My cultivators are undoubtedly superior, and certainly very effective.
  • My special cultivator breaks heavy soil like a plough and it drags weeds up,
  • My soil miller (has no parallel among standard tool ranges) makes a fine crumb seed bed easily,
  • I change from a soil rake to spring rake in 2 seconds and store them compactly and safe,
  • And only one tool handle needed for all!
    - but there's more tools besides...

They all belong to a versatile interchangeable tool system that's also highly mobile. And this is all good news for families and community gardeners as well as organic gardening professionals.

Like a root with a branching tree the Multi-Change also known as Multi-Star system is organic in style. Easily portable, it reduces the dangers of long-handle clutter in the garden shed, or an unwieldy wheelbarrow around every turn to your allotment.

You also get the versatility to add different handles. This makes one tool head suitable for different family members. Children's gardening tools are easily made.

And the system extends to domestic tool heads such as brushes and shovels, as well as gutter cleaners and with telescopic handles for fruit pickers and tree loppers.

With small gardening tools I have just one tool handle. But I can attach the smaller tool heads onto my longer handle for easy reach.

Why Aren't All Gardening Tools Like This?

Normally gardeners and most garden retailers compromise on their garden tool range because a wide range of garden tools can't be stored or stocked with handles on. But specialised Multi-Change tool heads are sold separately.

Of course buying online gives you access to more gardening tools straight from warehouses. But I always find the interchangeable gardening tool heads described here to be exceptionally effective.

Actually they've not been so easy to find in gardening stores. So I've taken the trouble to post some links on this page.

Wolf Garten's experience goes back to 1922. In 2009 they were acquired by a United States competitor - MTD Modern Tool and Die Company - established in Cleveland Ohio in 1932 - now a multi-national in gardening tools.
  • A 10 year guarantee means these tools have to be sturdy.

What I Know About The Multi-Change System

Multi-Change Joins

The solid join is important to the success of Wolf Multi-Change.
Wolf Multi-Change Join
Solid, connection, easy release, clunk-click.
The same push together connection is used throughout. The handle's rectangular slot ensures no twisting and the lock is solid - it behaves like a single piece. A simple push button easily releases the tool head from the handle.

Multi-Change Handles

I use 170cm Wolf (ZM17) long handle for cultivators, rakes, etc... This gives me a comfortable range of 125cm. I think it's a must for the Soil Miller, and Bow Rake for example. (But some manufacturers describe this length as extra-long.)
The 140cm Wolf (ZM14) corresponds with the more common length for long handled tools these days, but it only gives me a comfortable range of 83cm and a steeper working angle - OK for small borders. There's also a 100cm handle Wolf (ZM10) easier for children, (and a range of extra light tool heads of hard polymer).

Long Interchangeable tool handle
My 170cm (ZM17) light hardwood handle for long handled tools

Handles can be applied to a wide range of Wolf garden tools, from lawn scarifiers and edging tools, to pond nets and cleaners...

Several telescopic handles are made, the longest up to 4 metres, especially suited for Wolf tree loppers, pruners and saws, as well as for apple pickers... Elsewhere on this website I've mentioned Easi-Grip handles - the D shaped Wolf Auxillary handle (XOM) can be similarly attached to main handles for added grip.

Multi-change handles can also be applied to Wolf domestic tools, brooms, yard brushes, shovels, window squeegees, ice scrapers... ... they are truly multi-purpose.
Small Interchangeable Tool Handles
An older handle is pictured above my 16cm handle (ZM02)
for small garden tools.
Picture scaling approximated.

Gardening Tool Heads Make A Difference

These Multi-Change gardening tool heads are much better designed for gardening jobs. And this really matters. I work more quickly and efficiently, and so I save time. They feel less of an effort to use - indeed I seem to put the tools away again in no time at all.
Multi-Star garden tools - cultivator and bowrake

Left: Heavy Duty Cultivator (BOM) works like a plow...

Right: Bow Rake (DOM 35) -  5cm wider than DRM 30 Soil Rake. Curved tines effectively lift earth & gravel, bury seed & remove debris & with a smoother out run.

to break open soil
& weed out perennial roots
>>> to break down soil clods into fine crumbs >>> to grade & level before sowing & planting
Multi-Change Soil Miller
The Soil Miller combines oscillating hoe to lift soil & maintain depth, & spiked drum to break soil to a fine tilth. And it works very well, even on lumpy soil.

The bright red and yellow was apparently chosen because it appeals to ladies. And no one can help but notice the gleaming quality of the metal finish. Made of steel with a zinc lacquer finish, they are hard, corrosion resistant and light.

Small Gardening Tools
- for container gardening, planting, hand weeding and more ... ...

The multi-change range also includes many highly effective little gardening tool heads:- Small Culti-Weeder
  • Culti-weeder
  • Weed extractor for lawns etc...
  • Joint scraper for paving, drives, wall & rock gardens,
  • Planting hoe: doubled headed mattock gets into tight spaces, makes holes & lifts plants,
  • Fork and Trowel with z-shaped neck for leverage
  • They can all be used with short or longer handles.

For lot's more small gardening tools like these click here.

To get the full advantage from an interchangeable garden tool system you need to ensure that your garden tools and handles are from the same tool system. Also note that tool heads are not normally sold with the handle.

The Advantages Of Interchangeable Tools Include:
  • Wide range of tool heads,
  • Designed for specific jobs they are highly effective,
  • Choice of tool handles to adapt a single tool head to work on small or large borders, and from adults sizes to children,
  • Store tool heads seperately for safety - No more 'in your face' tools on long handles,
  • Easier to transport your tools - especially useful for mobile gardeners,
  • Range extends to domestic tools for the home inside and out.
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