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Welcome to organic gardening, the way to your choice of fresh food and a healthy more sustainable lifestyle.

From fragrant fresh flowers, to tasty restorative herbs and honey, plus juicy fresh fruit and delicious veg - when you grow your own it's your choice.

And on this website you'll discover how a measure of independence and a beautiful garden can be yours, starting right outside your door.

<<   So why not take a look at the main plots on this website.

I'd like to show you a range of gardening methods to help you turn your dream garden into reality and keep it growing. My pages will help you select the right means and suitable tools for your choice of plants and garden site.

You can turn your small plot into fresh cut flowers and fresh fruit like strawberries and honeyberries... And a freezer full of: blackcurrants, redcurrants, blueberries, and gooseberries...; plus juicy plums, and apples in store - more webpages are coming...

You'll enjoy readily available: potatoes, tomatoes, beans, beetroot, onions, cauliflower, salad leaves, oriental vegetables, rhubarb, herbs and more...

My small home garden provides them all. And organic gardening gives me healthy exercise and my choice of garden tools makes it really light work too.

For many of you, instead of being a job, hobby or chore, the organic garden is a lifestyle - one that rewards with health and a beautiful garden. There's much to learn and enjoy and thanks to your support my website is growing too.

For the main gardening plots check the links in the left margin or the selection of pages in the list below.

Flower Garden Design
Use these essential flower garden design guidelines when you plan & develop a beautiful garden landscape. This page is a must-read guide for the creative gardener.
Organic Fertilizer & Soil Amendments
Use organic fertilizer to grow strong healthy plants. Natural steady growth gives you the great tasting luscious plants that you want - especially good for lawns.
My compost bins work
Find compost bins, worm bins & how to make compost from The Organic Gardener.
Organic Weed Control
Learn about organic weed control. Discover what works for your garden. Here you'll find simple methods to control weeds and grow your plants organically. You'll learn how garden weeds succeed and how to prevent them.
Your Garden Tool Shed
Visit my garden tool shed for the essential cutting edge garden tools. You'll find efficient, ergonomic and easy to handle gardening equipment recommended and used by a practical organic gardener. There's also tips on how to get the most from garden tools and how to use them properly and with less effort.
Organic Gardening Power Tool
You can do lots of gardening jobs and get a more professional looking finish with help from a gardening power tool. You'll also find information here about versatile interchangeable power tools where one motor does it all.
Organic Gardening Gift Basket
Here's an organic gardening gift basket for earth friendly people. You'll find gift ideas from the Gardener for friends with a healthy organic home & a passion for gardening. Make your gift earth friendly here.
Organic Gardening Book
Find a gardening book from successful organic gardeners. Pioneering authors explain innovative ground breaking methods. Specialised gardening techniques: pruning, propagating, compost, flowers... illustrated by gardening experts.
Organic Crop Rotation
Find a crop rotation suitable for organic gardening and year long production here. The benefits of crop rotation and how to fit your plants in are described here.
Growing Runner Beans
Check out my tips on growing runner beans for a nutritious crop that fits into any garden. You can get a bountiful crop for freezing
Garden Mulch
Save time weeding, protect & improve the soil. Find out how garden mulch is key to better organic gardening & - no dig gardening - .
Plant & Garden Watering - the Organic System
Save on garden watering with the techniques described here. These organic gardening methods are becoming more critical as droughts become more frequent.
transplanting shrubs
Practical know-how about transplanting shrubs - find out before you start
About organic gardening
What is organic gardening about?
the organic gardener
Meet the organic gardener and discover the delights of gardening free. Here I explain how growing and working from home has changed my life for the good.
Organic Gardening Web Site Links
Useful links to gardening web site information & products for organic gardening
Contact The Organic Gardener
Fellow Gardeners & Earth friendly people, Website owners & Advertisers can contact home of the organic gardener here.
Garden Fertilizer
How does garden fertilizer help your organic garden? Most fine flowers, hungry vegetables, and luscious fruit produce best with fertilizer. So it's normally essential - and you'll find the right stuff and how to use it here.
Essentials of compost making
How compost making works.
making compost at home
Try making compost at home for seeds, growing on, and pots
Pruning Trees, Shrubs & Fruit
Correct pruning promotes flowers & fruit; tidies, maintains shape & health, of shrubs
Leaf Mold
Leaf mold is one of the best organic materials for making seed and potting compost. Find out how here.
The Ornamental Gourd
A packet of gourd seeds yeilds an interesting variety of decorative fruit. This page, with pictures, describes how I grow & prepare them.
Manure is rich source of nutrients & great soil improver. Learn how to use it here.
Comparing fruit and veg growing
Growing fruit and veg? Which is the easiest and most productive by far? Find out here.
Growing Potatoes
Growing potatoes at home beats all you can buy. Enjoy exceptional varieties available to gardeners, enjoy fresh new spuds too. Start here to improve your garden or grow potatoes on the patio.

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