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You can make a big difference to your plants with garden fertilizer. Masses of beautiful flowers around a dense richly-green lawn make an admirable garden. Tomato plants burgeoning with fruit, weighty vegetables in basketfuls - your fertilizer can set your plants apart from those in ordinary gardens.
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Organic Fertilizers
Tomato, Chilli, Sweet Peppers & Egg Plant
Organic Lawns
Leafy Vegetables/Brassicas
We expect a lot from the earth - we need to put something back. A quick solution, a "no  brainer"? Hummm... Let's get wised-up and do some real gardening.

For one-off impressive plant - period - there’s more on chemical fertilizers here, but - what about a cost effective way to a productive garden that requires less input over time and produces healthy plants too.

Use all links below starting here to discover how to make organic garden fertilizers* work for you - and you'll get an impressive kinder garden every year - and you'll find you don't need to use so much fertilizer after all.

Garden Fertilizers Make A Difference - a big difference!

You need to use all garden fertilizers with care - the difference can be a disastrous solution - it can be unbelievable success and wonderful plants.

But organic garden fertilizers are much kinder to plants. And you'll find their effects can be remarkable - chicken manure pellets for nitrogen hungry plants, special organic blends for containers, lawns, vegetables, or fish, blood, and bone as a general fertilizer... - my results have always been very heartening.

Don't miss my updated pages on organic fertilizers which reveals the essentials you need to know, and there's more here about plant nutrients and what they really do.

Growing in containers? Container growing presents some special problems. You'll find suitable products and about using fertilizers in containers on this link.

Right Fertilizer, Right Quantity, Right Time, For Your Plants

Specialised Organic Fertilizer Blends
Tomato, Chilli, Sweet Peppers & Egg Plant
Organic Lawns
Leafy Vegetables/Brassicas
Concentrate on supplying all the major nutrients (N:P:K: plus... ) and trace elements (i.e. a complete organic fertilizer) - no need to worry too much about fertilizer formula.

Plants need roots and leaves to grow flowers and fruit. So your plants need everything. Supply at least the minimum plus... and let your plants take what they need.

Avoid excess in single nutrient fertilizers so as not to risk upsetting the balance. Make natural soil deficiencies good with garden compost. It's an ideal source of plant nutrients that will make your garden soil come right.

You can find tried and tested blends of organic tomato,  lawn, fruit and vegetable fertilizers here along with details on using them.

Garden Fertilizers On The Organic Gardener

There are natural fertilizers and soil improvers that you can make yourself. Discover how to recycle nutrients and improve garden soil fertility with organic methods - with links to information about using soil micro-organisms, making garden compost, and worm compost.

The Are Many Organic Fertilizers

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