Plants From Flower Seeds

* Grow hundreds of plants with flower seeds and save lots,
* Surpass the ordinary with specially selected varieties,
* Make home-grown containers and hanging baskets.

There's no cheaper, better way to quickly expand your garden than by raising your own beautiful plants from flower seeds. You can grow the most delightful flowers as well as rarer varieties from seed. You can set your garden apart from the mundane and commonplace.

So here I want to introduce you to simple methods for growing flowers from seed. If it's really too late this year for your seeds then a link to buy plants will be available later. But take a look below to make your own hanging baskets, containers and flower borders - a beautiful garden all from flower seeds.

An early start with your flower seeds can give you a longer season of blooms in your garden. And that may mean beginning in the fall (autumn) to over winter indoors. Check this page to find more on seed starting aids.

You need to know about the growing cycle of your flowers and plants so as to grow them at the right time. Find seeds below.

Flower Plants Are Grown By Their Seasonal Hardiness

  • Annuals - grow from seed to flowering in one year,
    • Hardy Annuals - will withstand the cold of winter and can therefore be sown in late summer and autumn to over winter for next year,
    • Half-Hardy Annuals - die when exposed to cold and frost,
  • Biennials - grow from seed to flowering in two years. They need to pass through the dormant season before the flower buds grow out. You can sow them in the fall to save room on growing them over 2 whole years,
  • Perennials - survive all year long and usually flower every year. They may lie dormant in harsh conditions but usually re-grow. Many perennial flowers can also be grown from seed.


Your plants have a hardiness description depending on where they can grow. Note that horticultural zones are a generalisation. Minimum temperatures are critical but local conditions affect local temperatures - frost hollows, exposed and sheltered sites, soil moisture, even your plant's health, all play their part. And the length of your growing season is also important. The Plant Sensor Checks Your Garden and Plugs In to your computer to advise you on which plants will grow.

Fill Up Your Whole Garden With Flowers From Seed.

You may buy individual perennials to provide a stately shape and texture or unique blooms. So how can you find sufficient numbers of attractive plants to fill an extensive area? Buying the plants for such a project can be expensive The answer is to grow from flower seeds and you can grow them all in one year.

Favourite Flowers For Special Places

It's your choice, but here are a few suggestions to demonstrate how they can work a natural looking organic flower garden.

Primulas and Primroses,

These pretty flowers are mostly perennials. Primulas form a delightful patch-work of colour in a natural garden along with Anemones, Bluebells, and spreading Myosotis. Add to that the distinctive drum-head flowers of Primula denticulate and the spikes of Primula viallii.

More highly cultivated Primrose varieties display regular colour patterns and a neat appearance in flower beds, containers and boxes.

Then there are the long stalked flowers of 'Candalabra' Primulas. These fill spaces between larger plants while their tall flowers can be seen further back to add depth to a border.

Alysum, Aubretia, Tagetes, Poached Egg Plant - Limnanthes, Lobelia, Nemophila,

Here are just a few of the flowers that form low-growing mounds and cushions of color. They are suitable for containers and hanging baskets too. Most of these are sown in trays and planted out. Poached Egg plant can be sown direct and it self-seeds.

Night Scented and Virginia Stock, Nemophila, Lavendar... ... for fragrance

Scented flowers are grown around your windows, boxes, hanging baskets and along paths. They usually like the sun which helps them release more fragrance. Most of these flower seeds are sown directly where they are to grow.

Achillea, Rudbeckia, Poppies, Sweet William, Gazania for a meadow of color,

These are medium sized plants with lavish colors. Many of these have daisy like flowers. They can be grown as feature plants or mixed together in a colorful flowering meadow. Dead heading can make the displays of some even longer lasting. They make excellent cut flowers too.

These are another good choice for attracting butterflies and birds to your garden. The hardy flowers such as poppies can be sown directly outdoors in the fall to flower the following year. Most of the flower seeds may be sown in trays and planted out or sown outdoors later on.

Ornamental Grasses

These have become popular in recent years. There are short and tall grasses. The tall grasses add a special shape and architecture to your garden. And they are available to grow your own from flower seeds.

Delphiniums, Aconitum, Lupins, Foxgloves,

Upright spikes of flowers give a special shape and architecture to the garden. Use them to define focal points in the garden space. Easy to grow from flower seeds.

Sweet Peas

These climbing plants have lovely interesting flowers some two shades. Many of them are exquisitley scented and well sort after as cut flowers for vases.
They can grow against walls, fences, with help of supports such as poles or trellis work. But they can also be grown over other hedges or shrubs such a conifers, or amongst open branching trees. Well-used at the back of borders they can also be grown in wig-wams or in arches over a path. See Sunflowers below.

Sweet Peas can be sown in late summer / early fall to over-winter and plant out next year for early blooms, or they can inside in winter, or sown in spring outdoors for a shorter display. Sweet pea flower seeds have thick coats and are best soaked for 24 hours before sowing.

Sunflowers well-loved by children

Many more varieties are available nowadays included 3 headed sunflowers and shorter and taller varieties. They might be used as supports for growing sweet peas. Very easy to grow from flower seeds. But leave the heads standing somewhere in the garden as natural bird food for seed eating finches.

There are many more beautiful plants that I could mention. The choice is yours when you grow from flower seeds. I'm sure you can grow lots lots more.

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