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You’ll find gardening gifts for a gardener friend right here (page being updated).
Flowers are the most graceful of gifts. Find out more right here on sending and receiving flowers.



As the popularity of organic gardening grows so there are more and better designed products to meet your gardening needs. Many items on this page are described in detail on my other pages.

Handy gardening accessory gifts

Kneelers, gardening footwear, gardening aprons, and small tool sets are popular gardening gifts – You'll find a good selection competitively priced here.

Expert gardening books

Unbeatable concise gardening guides to read over winter and inform on specialist topics throughout the year - Expert Gardening Books

Gardening gifts by email - how nice

You'd like to buy a gardening gift but don't know what? Then why not let your gardener friend choose something they really need. Send a gardening gift voucher. Most items can be gift wrapped. Gardening Gift Voucher - U.K.

Gardening tool gifts for serious gardeners

I recommend these to any gardener - conventional tools are limited in their range and capability. But with Multi-change you can select a specialised tool for the job. For more efficient hand tools and cultivators that make my gardening easier click below.
They’re also an ideal collectable gift (tool heads and handles come separately in a wide range).
U.K. gardeners go direct to tools here
American gardeners go direct to tools here

Another great gardening gift -
If your gardener friend has neat and regularly clipped hedges then the Garden Groom is a must. As a winner of many awards including Best New Gardening Product 2004 it should prove a welcome, if unusual, surprise gift.

It works like a hover mower for your hedge, sucking all the clippings straight into a bag. The shredded clippings are ready for composting. This radical hedge trimmer design also assists in making a straight and level cut.
Go direct Garden Groom (U.K.) here - American gardeners click image ^^
Comes in 2 sizes and sometimes offered with free tube connection to free floor standing volume bag.

Compost making is a must for the keen organic gardener. However, regularly turning the heap can become a problem. Compost tumblers answer this problem as they rotate the heap. Some can be easily moved around the garden and, tip:- you can also use them to mix your own potting composts.
Select a tumbling composter here.

Static compost bins for continuous compost.

Value for money gardening

Gardening items at sale price - U.K. If you've been waiting to buy something for your garden but haven't got around to it yet then check these on-sale items at GoneGardening first, because you could save money on the regular price.

To find something very special but at a more affordable price take advantage of these special product offers and to buy yourself a gardening gift these plant offers at Crocus.

Turn in to enjoy gardening magazines this winter

magazine coverRelax with helpful expert advice: and news from the Organic Gardening Magazine published by Rodale Inc. You'll find ways to work smarter not harder backed by years of experience.

Organic products

Organic Nature News - online publication full of organic information, product links, articles, recipes, and news. A one-stop-shopping source for the organic consumer.

More garden related websites

Here are some websites that will be interesting and useful.

Basic Info for Organic Gardening - this down-to-earth website provides simple information especially for the beginners to organic gardening.

Flowers & Garden Pictures - A resource for beginning gardeners and flower enthusiasts incl. indoor and container gardening, flower gardening basics, working with fresh flowers and a lot of flower pictures.

Gotta Grow Gardening Articles - provides information from gardening articles on many different topics and many different authors. There's also tips on writing your own articles.

Gardening Directories

The Gardening Sites Directory - a large and comprehensive direcory for gardeners - now you can find what you're looking for.

garden links

All Links Directory - if you've been looking for something else, perhaps this directory will help.

Garden FreeBees

More online garden fair

Suttons Seeds

More gardening gifts for your growing gardening children as well as useful innovative products to help you enjoy a better garden are here.


magazine cover Relax with helpful expert advice: and news from the Organic Gardening Magazine




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