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Welcome to my garden web. This is where I explain just a little about the organic nature of growing with a gardening website on the internet.

After a life-time interest and experience of plants and gardening I wanted to earn extra money from my home-base. My interests, knowledge, skills, and experiences were under-used so I came up with the idea to create a garden website.

I now have an income earning website - thanks to SiteSell and SiteBuildIt.

SBI focus on helping you build an internet business from your skills, interests, and knowledge. The most important part is attracting visitors.

But SBI have delivered. As an insider I know that whether you're a private individual or an existing business, SBI can help you to success. There's also lots of support from the SBI community. They're a keen bunch for good reason.

Creating my website pages was actually easy with block by block Site Builder. But anyone can build a website. I wanted to build a website that works. Now I'm turning my knowledge and interests into an income generating website.

Judge for yourself when you check these links out.

An income for Retirees

More Than A Garden Website:
Build A Website That Works!

Why build a website when you can build a business?

Work at Home

Happy Mom's Work at Home

P.S. I've NO paid for ads on the internet - thanks for visiting the organic gardener.

Click here to visit the Organic Gardener. or use the search box below. I explain organic gardening methods, evaluate tools, show how to use them, and discuss composts and organic fertilizers. From flower gardening to shrubs, composting to garden style, the organic gardener shows you how to grow naturally pure and beautiful.
WWW The Organic Gardener
UK Allotments provides a growing information base for allotment gardeners & growers, & access to a gardening forum while Allotments UK is a comprehensive allotment gardening directory with a gardening advice forum.

Let me introduce you to my good friends at: Plymyard Hall Allotment Association.

See David Hobson's Garden Humour
Garden jokes, garden stories & an hilarious look at your gardening habits. Recommended: "To boldy grow where no one has groan before"


This site is a member of WebRing.
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ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF BIRDS you enjoy birds in the garden and the countryside. Help keep them safe for future generations and learn lots more too.

The Henry Doubleday Research Association (H.D.R.A.) is a prime mover for organic gardeners in the U.K. They are a registered charity and depend heavily on donations to support research, education, & work in environmentally friendly growing methods. The H.D.R.A.'s international links share information & aid with sustainable & organic farming overseas.

About organic gardening
What is organic gardening about?

Flower Gardening
Help & advise on flower gardening, enjoy cost savings, a selection of top garden flowers, and an organic approach.

Garden shed tools & sheds
Find more on today's garden tool designs and how to use them. This will make gardening easier.

Flowers, plants, tools, garden gifts & freebees
My selection of plants, flowers, tools, garden gifts, garden websites & garden freebees.

About organic fertilizer - for healthy plants
organic fertilizer - kind to plants, less wasteful & polluting, improves soil, find how to make them

My compost bin works
More on making compost, compost bin and worm bin designs

More composting and compost bins
The composting features of traditional and modern compost bins

Wild Flowers - improve your garden the natural way
Self sown wild flowers create the stabilty that reduces weed invasion.

transplanting shrubs
Practical know-how about transplanting shrubs - find out before you start

Organic gardening with companion plants
How do companion plants help your garden? They help control disease & pests & boost your crop. Try climbing beans, maize, & pumpkin

Flowers from container gardening
Grow flowers anywhere with container gardening

My Garden Spade
Why my garden spade works so well

perennial gardening
Create a permanent garden structure by perennial gardening and save on cost and effort.

The eternal garden – selecting winter flowers
A selection of winter flowers to help you create an eternal garden – one that is interesting all year around.

About gardening seed
How to collect, save and prepare seed for sowing. The techniques of gardening seed.

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