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Specialised Plant Fertilizer From Natural Sources

* Organic blends adjusted to your kind of plants
* Natural sources of fertilizer for organic gardening
* Easy to handle and spread - no mess

Safe, easy to use organic plant fertilizers are here. Organic materials have been combined into easy-to-use granular materials. And they are blended specially to suite the needs of the particular plants that you grow.

Specialised Fertilizers:
Available for your plants here
Organic plant fertilizer granules
Nowadays container gardening, raised beds and square foot gardening are popular. They involve intensive cropping and a large nutrient uptake by crops and plant nutrient wash out.

But these intensive systems aren't so amenable to making garden compost. Annually buying fresh nutrient rich compost could be expensive. So to continue growing fine flowers, productive fruit and vegetable plants a good organic fertilizer is essential.

And help is at hand. Because the specialised plant fertilizers outlined here not only give your plants the food they need but they are blended to suite the particular kinds of plants that you are growing - greenhouse fruit, salad vegetables, root crops, roses, lawns, flowers...
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You'll find a specialised organic plant fertilizer for your choice of plants on the links above. And applying these granular fertilizers couldn't be easier.

How to Apply Granulated Organic Fertilizers

First check application rates set out on the pack (more details further down...) then:-
  • For container growing - mix the granules into either homemade compost or proprietary compost before adding to containers,
  • Before sowing or planting - broadcast the granules onto the soil surface and work into the earth by forking or raking,
  • Likewise for raised beds outside or in the greenhouse,
  • Water in when first applied and when the soil is dry.

What goes into branded organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers come from 'natural sources' - the in-term used on organic fertilizer packs today. These include materials such as:
  • Chicken manure, feathers, blood, corn, soybean and fish meals for nitrogen,
  • Bone and fish meals, composted guano, rock phosphate or gafsa for  phosphates, 
  • Wood ash, composted wood and stubble, and kelp meal for potassium,
  • Bone meal, gafsa, rock minerals and seaweed for phosphates, calcium, magnesium and trace elements.
Other ingredients include composted food waste and meals from stubble and straw etc... Nutritious organic material is now being recycled into the modern fertilizers that go by the name 'organic' and 'natural sources' today.

The blended material is granulated to ensure consistency and easy handling. These granulated fertilizers are well-suited for gardeners to use in containers, and grow bags, and for making your own container compost. You'll find specially designed container and plant fertilizers in the box below.

Container Fertilizer

Growing in containers, hanging baskets, and small raised beds brings a few problems for gardeners.
  • More need for watering in containers causes nutrients to wash out,
  • Limited soil volume in which to provide nutrients to roots

Soluble chemicals are wasted and so manufacturers have produced slow acting alternatives which are invaluable for container plants. The organic blends on the links below should last many weeks.

But most of all it is important to use a moisture holding compost. Your own mix made from garden compost and leaf mold may do for some plants.
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