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Tomato Fertilizer

* For Greenhouse And Container Growing
* Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Chilli Peppers, Egg Plants...
* Organic blends from natural sources
* Provide the extra nutrients that a good crop demands

Tomatoes contain the anti-cancer compound lycopene. So a tomato fertilizer that makes your plants healthy as well as supporting a big crop of delicious fruit is important.

And the organic tomato fertilizers described here do just that. They're also suitable for egg plants, sweet peppers and chilli peppers too.

Whether you're growing inside or outside there are 2 types of organic fertilizer that you might use with your summer fruits like tomato plants.
  • base fertilizer granules to work into soil beds or mix into compost for containers and your homemade grow bags,
  • liquid fertilizer to top-up nutrients that may be missing and provide the extra that a big crop demands.

If you're an organic gardener

Work in bulk manure in the fall every 4 years and garden compost every 2 years. This builds a rich moisture retentive soil that doesn't need as much additional fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers too?

Plants that grow fast and produce more (especially modern varieties) take more nutrients from the soil in a short space of time. Container plants are particularly vulnerable.
  • First grow a fine tasting variety that will produce more, bigger... ...
  • Then feed the extra demand for soil nutrients by using an organic tomato fertilizer mixed into the soil - organic granules are slow release and should last all season,
  • When flowers appear organic liquid tomato fertilizers or comfrey liquid may be mixed every one to two weeks into routine watering. This should be optional rather than routine. You'll probably get a bigger crop but there are risks.

Take care: increasing the quantities in liquid feeds can upset your plants big time. Right fertilizer, right quantity makes them flourish.
  • Soluble fertilizer salts reduce the plants ability to take up water,
  • Some chemicals make other important nutrients deficient,
  • When overused, even organic liquid feeds may cause plant growth to become unbalanced resulting in e.g. thick skins... ...

What Fertilizer Does Your Tomato, Chilli and Sweet Pepper, or Egg Plant Need?

Avoid high nitrogen inputs. Plants use this to make more leaves. Otherwise let the plant take what it needs. An all inclusive fertilizer first, then less nitrogen and more potash in your organic blend works wonders.

Granulated fertilizer is the easiest to handle. Top brands now promote organic fertilizer made from blends of materials from 'natural sources'. This is good for the environment.

Fertilizers For Growing Summer Fruit - tomatoes, sweet peppers, aubergines...
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