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Make More of Your Garden

Don't be stuck with a low maintenance garden that never changes and doesn't really grow anything. I mean those gardens with vast areas of aggregate / slate / gravel - even bark mulch that's underlain by sheeting. These gardens are almost empty of plants and the wildlife is excluded by all those barriers.

Why not take advantage of your garden with help from the Wirral organic gardener. You can develop your garden step-by-step, season-by-season with my help. There is always something to look forward to and your garden can be really exciting rather than boring.

Moreover, I will help you grow those unique and delicious food plants that you don't normally find in food stores. Then you will come home to fresh food growing right outside your door. Add to that a wide range of herbs for fragrance, health and extra flavouresome meals.

I want to help you make the most of your garden. Simply contact me if:
  • you want to create a lively garden from which you will see the wonders of wildlife,
  • Or a fragrant garden from which you cut your own flowers for vases... ...
  • Have you ever considered adding an exquisitely scented chamomile lawn area?
  • Would you like to have a unique Social Garden for summer barbeques and to impress your friends?
  • I can also offer you plants of Spear Mint, Feverfew, Artemesia, Santolina and Lavender for lovely touch me fragrances that complement each other.
Why not open your doorway to garden fragrance…

Contact The Home of The Organic Gardener now using the form above to arrange a free site visit.

Moving to the next stage we might come to a unique arrangement. Should you grow surplus organic garden produce I may be able to sell this for you. My best customers are invited to join a plant exchange group where I take cuttings from the member's plants to grow on and provide young plants more or less free of charge.

Finally, if you are an elder garden enthusiast or suffering from infirmity you needn't give up. Let me help you enjoy the benefits of your garden without the work.
Contact the Wirral organic gardener now using the form above to arrange a free site visit. We need to talk about your gardening needs, and how I may be able to help you.

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