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News - from The Organic Gardener, Issue #001
May 19, 2009

Chelsea Flower Show

The Royal Horticultural Society - Chelsea Flower Show runs from the 19th - 23rd of May. You can get tickets to the show and keep up with the action and winners online by clicking here ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY - SHOWS

A Brand New Book on Making Compost

Organic gardeners will be delighted to hear of the imminent release of 'The Garden Organic Guide to Making Compost' - a new paperback by Pauline Pears. GUIDE TO MAKING COMPOST is on offer at this link.

Don't forget to post a review so we can get some feedback on what you think.

Guide to Making Compost follows on last year's book The Garden Organic GUIDE TO GROWING VEGETABLES (NOV 2008) (A GARDEN ORGANIC GUIDE)

Both books on these links are practical simplified introductions to their subject.

If you want to read all about Organic Gardening from an experienced organic gardener then the next link to PAULINE PEARS' extensive book list is a good place to start. Pauline has also written books on travel.

Organic Pest Control

I know pests can be very disheartening and moral sapping for gardeners. At the Home of The Organic Gardener I'm currently working on a long overdue web page about Organic Pest Control.

The weather here now is bringing waves of rainfall. So you may be interested to read this small book review on BANISH SLUGS & SNAILS.

The good news at least - I haven't had any major problems so far this year.

Indeed much of my garden seems fairly clean and the fruit are growing strong. However...

Organic Gardening Diary - extract

While March was leisurely, the pace has changed up a gear. All my previous expectations are suddenly upon me. But my work has given me lots to look forward to...

This first newsletter has been brief as I have more gardening work to plant my Cauliflower 'Romanesco Celio F1' etc... The damp soil is ideal. I'm putting them undercover of ultra fine mesh to guard against flea beetle and pigeons.

Keep growing naturally pure, and beautiful.

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