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Grow more for less & save time gardening
August 11, 2011
Grow more for less & save time...

- there's a new type of Multi-Function Garden Tool Kit for cutting and tidying - click here for more information.

Make your garden save you time and money - more below,

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But first - have you ever thought how easy the walk down your garden path to get fresh food really is?

You save time travelling to and from shops and in queues waiting to be served. Then, your home-grown food really is bursting with freshness as it goes straight into the pot or cut for fresh sandwiches.
You can take your choice indeed!
I write to you with the pleasure of actually doing this.

So this month consider growing:

  • Short season potato tubers only for UK gardeners to plant now and harvest for Christmas Click for more potatoes.

  • Japanese onions sow now to prick out, plant and grow on, or buy bulbs to plant in the coming weeks More information.

  • Spring Cabbage to sow now in modules to plant out soon and harvest fresh in early spring. Don't forget to plant more garlic around slug prone plants - Click for information.

  • Also for your greenhouse or polytunnel:

  • I'm sowing chard, radicchio, lettuce, salad onions, plus more beans and early carrot varieties.

    I'm still sowing outside as well (lettuce, salad onions, broccoli raab... ...) but...

It's getting late to sow radicchio outside for mature hearts. Undercover it will benefit from well-drained Mediterranean like conditions and hopefully I'll get a good hearted crop. Alternatively growing them with salad leaves as cut-and-come-again outside will do just fine. Click for seeds.

Now - New For The Tidying Up Jobs

Pole Trimmers & Multi-function Garden Tools Are So Handy
I love tools like these. One motor to power several specialised tool heads. With all the right tools in one machine you can cut through your job with ease. Get links for your country here.

The long-reach hedge trimmers are well-balanced and can do several more jobs with the attachments included.

  • Cut the tops and sides of tall hedges,
  • Mini chain saw attachment cuts thicker branches, and reduces ragged hedge cuts,
  • Fast change to your lawn edging attachment,
  • And for long grass use the strimmer (string trimmer) attachment,
  • Tough brush cutter for briars and saplings.

Find multi-function tools with this link.
All-in-one tools are available here - check the gardening sales on links below.

Gardening Sales and Money-Off Vouchers
The gardening sales are on check this link to save on plants, gardening tools and equipment as well as garden furniture.

Take advantage of massive reductions and money off vouchers with these links.

Until next time - happy gardening :-)

From: The Home of The Organic Gardener.

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