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don't waste your green space
June 24, 2011
Grass is valuable,

And you can improve your whole garden by making use of it... plus,
** 2 new web sites for seeds and plants (1 x USA - 1 x UK) see below **

You may have a lawn in your garden. And you may spend a lot of time cutting the grass. That's why has recently updated and added several pages on organic lawn care - they start here...

This is lawn care with a difference, because your lawn can be used to feed your whole garden and attract pollinators... And if plain grass doesn't excite you much, then check out the many alternative lawn styles that you might grow around your home.

There's information here on how to improve your lawn with good organic lawn care methods. And help in choosing the right machines to do the hard part - cutting the grass and scarifying.


I've discovered 2 lovely websites for organic gardeners.

1 - American organic gardeners: try the seeds at:- Botanical Interests - just right for organic gardening. Seed packets are designed to help gardeners succeed and create their own traditions - click here.

2 - U.K. gardeners: try Plants Wholesale - an exclusive grower of Royal Horticultural Society Hedging Plants. Save on small orders and save even more on bulk buys.

Especially look out for Plants Wholesale grass seed and mycoForce lawn feed, and Summer Lawn Fertilizer as well as wild flower seeds and low-cost hedging plants...


See my organic gardening blog for the latest seasonal gardening information.

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Happy gardening.

From The Home Of The Organic Gardener.

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