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Spring into Summer Savings
June 17, 2010
Good day,

Are you ready to enjoy summer garden splendour with a taste of your fresh fruits and herbs?
Will your home be adorned with fragrant cut flowers and petal/leaf pot-pourri?
*** do you have space to fill in your garden? ***

Right now garden enthusiasts are mixing and matching their plants.
So to help you get that last bit of garden perfection before your summer visitors arrive Im sending you the latest plant offers.

Make the most of your summer garden. Top quality really exquisite plants are available. And the websites in my list want you to know where to get them from.


  • Plant offers (for America)
  • Plant offers (for British gardens)
  • Spring Into Summer Garden Care To Do
  • Helping Dad on Father's Day


You can save up to 20% on the entire stock of Perennial Plants
at Burpee. Just use code BP546 at checkout! Before June 30.
for a wider range of garden plants...
You can save $5 or save $15 using these links with codes save5 and save15. And this website is well-worth a visit too.


At Direct Gardening the 1cent sale on selected items means you can buy one item (e.g. 12 Freesias for 3dollars 98cents say...) and get one extra for just 1 cent more - (e.g. that's all of 24 Freesias for 3dollars 99cents)

And there's freebies with any order you place on these links:
Try for:
1 Free Daylily with my voucher code 1393
15 Free Freesias with my voucher code 1392.
4 Exotica bulbs perhaps?

either way something will be yours when you click here to order

You'll want your garden looking in tip-top condition too. Check below for savings you can make on organic garden care - tools, fertilizers, watering... ...
(think lawns & hedges, and Father's day),


You can save 10% on orders before June 30th at Best4Plants. Just use code WEB10 at checkout!

Best4Plants offer an exciting range - well worth a visit.
Check down the categories under 'Browse Catalogue'.

Also notice the 'Topsoil/Compost' and 'Turf'. These superior Rolawn products are gold medal winners.

You'll want your garden looking in tip top condition too. Check below for savings you can make on organic garden care.


For British Gardeners

Free delivery on the widest range and very competitive pricing... plus 20 off 300 purchase at MowDirect when you enter code MowDirect20.

And let me put a word in for Dad. Father's day is June 20 so do give him a helping hand.

Care For American Gardens

I always enjoy getting free delivery and it's now available on hundreds of tools at NorthernTools.


And a word for The Mantis Tiller - the delight of gardeners.
Mantis Garden Tillers - FREE Kickstand, Shipping and Mantis Hat With Tiller purchase. Offer ends 8/31/10. Key code 101058.

And let me put a word in for Dad. Father's day is June 20 - do give him a helping hand.

See below for gifts>>>

And if you're looking for some help to catch up on the plot inside or outside the home then check out online Rated People in the U.K.

Spring into Summer Gardening Jobs

Now the birds have flown the nest hedges need tidying. A clip now keeps hedges nice and tight and later cutting will be easier.

  • Do keep deadheading blossoms to keep your flowers productive for longer.
  • I expect you'll need to work on supporting and tying up plants - check out the offers links for help.
  • Mulch soil to keep moisture in and weeds down - use ornamental chippings on top of fabric or a few inches of loose organic mulch.
  • Protect Important Plants From Animal Pests Before it's Too Late
  • Birds, deer, butterflies/caterpillars, small insects and weeds: - Here's a quick reminder of the organic gardening help available...

UK animal defences - Heavy-Duty Anti Bird Netting made from high-density polyethylene netting. Extra Value Saver Packs of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100m. Also check out Weed Control Fabric, Insect & butterfly netting here.

For American gardens - more animal defences for American gardens

4 - Father's Day Gardening Gifts

Check out: Up to 50% off at StacksandStacks and

until 30th June Free Shipping on Over 14,000 Items! here


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