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Your Organic Home & Garden
October 21, 2011
Plan a brighter healthier future with organic gardening

I hope you had a good harvest - I'm still bringing in my garden produce - and the cauliflowers - pictured on the Home of taste as lovely as they look, I can assure you.

But in this issue I wanted to highlight new information on flower gardening design.

In This Issue:

  • How to grow more flowers,
  • Clear-up and plan for next year,
  • Seasonal Lawn care,
  • Upcoming pages at

Plan A Beautiful Garden Now

I've been looking at what makes a flower garden really special. My new pages should inspire you with 8 Flower Gardening ideas - the essential lessons of flower garden design are on this link.

And you can improve your social life too, with my Patio Gardening page where I've outlined some great ideas to help you plan an enjoyable occasion with family and friends.


Clear-up and Plan For Next Season

Now is the time to plan for a better future with your home and garden.

So I'll start with clearing up.

In the coming weeks you'll see me on the streets clearing up fall leaves. Why? Because they are invaluable for making leaf mold, which is a base for good seed and potting compost.

In the coming months on I'll be explaining how to make your own compost to grow plants.

For now, if you visit this tools page you'll find links to leaf shredders that are popular among gardeners for speeding up the process.


Finish Off Your Seasonal Lawn Care

Now there's probably just time to prepare your lawn for winter. Don't forget to use the special Autumn or Fall lawns fertilizer to toughen your lawn before the cold.

You'll find all the information you need on these links: on Seasonal Lawn Care - check the 'Fall Lawn Care' heading - plus, my review on how to make life easier and find which kinds of lawn mowers are best suited to your job.


Winter Gardening

And I've still lots to do. My page on Winter Flowers will be updated in the coming week or two. The present version will be overwritten. Do come back and check it later.

Gardening Library Will Be Revealed

And I'll soon be revealing a list of useful gardening books that have helped me and many others to success in gardening.

I'll just have time to add a few Christmas gift ideas for the gardeners who visit my pages. Stay online.

Gifts to Brighten Your Organic Home

Don't let the dark days of winter depress you. Brighten your home with the help of these ideas on vases and cut flowers.

Grow your own cut flowers

Discover why some flowers are more important to your organic garden.

There's lots more information on - Here's a new page with advice when buying plants.

Finally I'd like to draw your attention to a new feature that I'm developing - read below.


Your Words and Pictures on

You can now post your own page on The Home of The Organic Gardener when you'll be able to tell your friends about your garden.

This has just been introduced at the bottom of my popular page about Harvesting Potatoes. More invitations will appear on my contact page under heading 4 Make your own gardening page... over the coming months.


To view News From The Organic Gardener online - click here or
paste this link into your browser address bar:-

Don't forget to come back later and visit the updated Winter Flowers.

Until next time - happy gardening :-)

From: The Home of The Organic Gardener.

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