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Must Do For Your Garden
February 03, 2012
don't forget to grow these... ...

When I go to my store I see 2 sacks of clean perfect potatoes. I don't even peel them. They cut open crisply and have a great taste.

And that's where horticultural potato varieties are so exciting. There's nothing like them in the shops for bright colors and freshness...

And explains how to grow potatoes in containers and raised beds to fit almost anywhere.
Click here to view this newsletter online.

But it's already getting late to choose 'earlies' for the coming year. Some gardeners have been chitting (sprouting tubers) from late December. (But I've added regional variations for America here).

The information that you need for growing special potato varieties is on

I really can't resist growing them again. I'll be eating my store for weeks to come but choosing new varieties to grow today.

See last year's crop of 'Juliet' here:

You also find more information on potato fertilizer...

Also at The Home of The Organic Gardener

You'll find my quality book selection for organic gardening. Professionals share valuable secrets - such as Eliot Coleman on growing throughout the cold months.
And Lynn Byczynski 'The Flower Farmer' advises on raising and selling cut flowers.

Don't forget flowers on Valentine's Day (It's for every age!!) ...Less than 2 weeks off.

Out of season exotic flowers are available from links here with on-page advice about preparation and vases etc...

If you've not yet planned to grow fresh cut flowers for your home, then my new pages on flower gardening may help you.

Also there's a new page on patio gardening - that's especially useful for social occasions.

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More stuff for gardening... ...

Propagators and modules: - you can gain better control of conditions by starting plants in propagators / modules and planting out. Find propagators here.

For UK Gardeners don't miss this kitchen garden website from Sarah Raven. You can improve your skills from courses on cooking, flower growing & arranging, festive arrangements... (and that would make a nice gift to a home keeper).

Still in the cold? Find Winter Clothes, and Snow Grips and Clearing Equipment here, as well as winter flowers for next year.

It's going to be a great gardening year!
So here's wishing you every growing success :-)

From: Michael at The Home of The Organic Gardener.

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