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Time now for gardening?
February 25, 2011
There's not a moment to loose... ...

Wherever you sow and plant now, you can reap a harvest in flowers, fruit and vegetables and herbs in the coming months.

A few timely reminders to help you out:

  • - In The Organic Garden
  • - At Home With The Organic Gardener
  • - News For American Gardeners
  • - News For U.K. Gardeners
  • - Plus Lot's More Information At:
    - Most recent update - on organic weed killers.

1 - In The Organic Garden

What's growing?
Potatoes: I will be growing potatoes in garden soil, in potato bins over concrete and in raised beds. My rough calculations say I will get enough potatoes to eat at half the price.

And now seed potatoes - 'Anya' 'Cara' 'Juliette' have arrived and are set out to chit. I'm waiting to receive Minitubers of 'Foryfold' from Thompson & Morgan and they will be joined later by 'Vivaldi'.

Onions: I've sown my onion seed in trays of leaf mold + garden compost with bone meal. This year I've chosen a smaller quick growing variety to sow in succession as well as late onions to store.

I already have some onion sets overwintering in pots and I my Shallots and Garlic are coming up right now in the garden.

Carrots: I've sown an early carrot variety 'Amsterdam Forcing' in the greenhouse bed. Later this will be followed by a succession of carrot sowing outdoors. In shallow stoney ground try a stump rooted variety like 'Paris Market'.

Winter Lettuce: These are growing strongly in the greenhouse bed and winter sown spring onions are coming up now too.

Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers: I'm hoping to sow these today in pots. It's important to give the Sweet Peppers a good start.

Rhubarb: My 3 rhubarb varieties are growing up strongly. I'm sampling one stalk that broke off today. But first I'll work some dried manure into the soil around those I planted last year as they have smaller roots.

Flowers: I've ordered Winter Aconites and Blue Bells in the green to plant around my fruit bushes. The idea is to attract early insect pollinators. I'm also sowing other plants to flower early next year.

Green Manures: I like to follow green manures like Hungarian Rye by either planting out or sowing large seeds such as beans. But I'm going to cut down the Hungarian Rye to give 30 days before I sow small seeds such as lettuce as a catch crop - this is important.

Black Polythene: I'll be warming up some of my soil with black polythene before sowing and planting out.

Garden herbs such as chervil, parsely and sorrel are growing back well.

New Pond: My new pond is nearly finished. It's good to work on it while the ground is still soft. I did the main digging job in the fall after soil prohibits sowing and planting.

At The Home Of The Organic Gardener I've been very busy. Cooking with a good supply of fresh and frozen fruit / veg and lots of tasty herbs. It's really exhilerating and independent.

I usually have frozen: gooseberries, strawberies, blackcurrants straight after thawing at breakfast, but I still have plenty of fruit crumbles and vegetable meat pies in the freezer.

There's loads more to do... ... Please see my blog.

2 - At Home With The Of The Organic Gardener

But my priority has been to build and improve so that I can share my gardening experience with all of you.

I think you'll find the site navigation is getting better, and the information clearer and there's more on the way.

For example I've just uploaded an important page on organic weed killers and will be following it sometime later with a series on organic pest controls. See my blog for a full list of recently updated pages.

3 - News For American Gardeners

So much to look forward to but not a moment to loose if you haven't yet choosen your seeds and plants for the coming year.

But you'll be able to take advantage of some of the offers detailed below.

Over the years I've been comparing value for money on plants and seeds and Direct Gardening consistently come top by a long way - see link below.

You get these nearer to wholesale prices from Direct Gardening because they are a partnership of horticultural suppliers and so Direct Gardening produces volume sales.

And now's the time to check Direct Gardening so you can grow even more. You'll benefit from several online freebies e.g. a Tree Peony, Giant Ranunculus, or Shamrock Flowers, to add to your home and garden.

I'd also like to recommend you to Cook's Garden. A new and attractive supplier for organic gardeners where the emphasis is on growing quality food for your family.
You can get 10% OFF all orders of $60 or more with code CG6 .. at Cook's Garden see more below.

And for their dedication to organic gardening I have to mention Gardeners Supply. This company was set up by gardeners in Vermont and it now supplies America. They really know what gardeners need for growing.
Free shipping on your order of $75 or more at Gardener's Supply Company! Offer ends 3.9.11.

Direct Gardening,

Cook's Garden,

Gardeners Supply,


4 - News For U.K. Gardeners

So much to look forward to but not a moment to loose if you haven't yet choosen your seeds and plants for the coming year.

But you'll still be able to take advantage with the help of the gardening offers below.

Over the years 3 top suppliers:- Thompson & Morgan, Dobies, and Suttons Seeds have delivered me quality and reliability in seeds and plants.

As an exclusively mail order company (not a garden centre) have consistently compared better on value for money.

Their partners at Suttons Seeds also have a great reputation for quality seeds and plants - with a unique childrens range and own bred varieties.

But this year Thompson & Morgan have promised to keep their prices the same as last year. And they have a price promise "We won't be beaten on price...".

Last year I was delighted when I found free plants being added to my online shopping basked at Thompson & Morgan.

All this from the very best because frankly business is booming. And that's why I find it less hassle buying online. The websites provide up-to-date information on availablity and dates.

The point with all these recomendations is that I'm not only confident in the quality of seeds and plants but also that I'm getting a good deal too.

So now's the time to make this year your special gardening year just for you.

Suttons Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

In gardening, variety is the spice of life!

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