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Give Your Plants A Better Chance
April 05, 2012
A few tips on growing seeds into strong plants,

, I do hope that you grow lots of plants from seeds, because these methods save you a lot.
If you don't fancy your chances with seeds then check out my seed success tips and take a look at the bullet points on this updated page about growing seeds.

Successful methods are outlined on my propagators link summarised here.

** How your seedlings can beat the weedlings,
** How your seedlings get a chance against plant eating pests,
** How you get better results from seed with better control of growing conditions,

Check these out on starting seeds. freely publishes my very own gardening book online for anyone to read. I do ask you to recommend it to your friends so that I can continue this work.

And here's a link to some of the best hard copy books available to help you with organic gardening. Here you'll learn from the most expert organic gardeners.

Happy gardening to you all from The Home of The Organic Gardener

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