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Garden Upgrade In Progress
June 16, 2012

I'm sorry I missed last month's ezine - but I'm upgrading my organic garden.

I just got in to give you 4 quick news items. Don't leave without checking out Number 5.
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1 - Upgrading at The Home of The Organic Gardener - click here,
2 - Flower gardening like never before - click here,
3 - Beating Garden Pests - click here,
4 - Upside of Garden Wet - click here,
5 - Grow Your Own Website - click here,
Link to view online

1 - Upgrade at The Home of The Organic Gardener

I've been busy at the Home of The Organic Gardener. You can check out my new layout - this whole section about potato growing has been completed with improved site navigatation. Now you'll find lot's more organic content at your fingertips.

But I'd really welcome any comments and feedback. Moreover it's not too late to plant a second early potato variety. And I'm looking forward to planting short season potatoes later this summer in tubs for a Christmas harvest. See potato season for details.

2 - Flower gardening like never before

Flower Gardening will be the next tier to be upgraded - that's in a few weeks. I wanted to let you know in advance. is my book and I will soon be revealing never before seen information on organic flower garden design. You'll discover a radical difference in style and beauty with benefits to match.
New filenames will be used but you'll be able to find the start from the navigation bar link on any page.
Don't forget to read about growing your own website below...

3 - Beating Garden Pests

Success comes by fully embracing organic gardening to restore the natural balance. I've proven it!

The damp spring/summer weather in north west England 2012 would have produced lots more attacks from snails and slugs had it not been for a natural garden growing full-on. Of course I've had some hits. But overall where are they?

Answer: the introduction of wildlife friendly areas, (a new pond etc), has made a huge difference. While under netting and cloches, pests can still munch away with impunity.

The Answer Again: when the ground is wet, water on a biological control from nematodes. Use slug traps containing beer when it's been warmer. Some gardeners have found barriers of sheep wool are effective too.
Check here for more information from my Blog posts.
Don't forget to come back to read 5.

* And you may have only one hungry critter doing the damage. So go out at night with a torch and catch the culprit - Squash! oh that does feel good :-)

4 - Upside of Garden Wet

The wetter conditions will hopefully forestall the fruit drop in June. But do keep your fruit well mulched and the soil moist. Chopped comfrey leaves make an excellent mulch for fruit: gooseberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and apples, as well as for tomatoes and sweet peppers.
Follow the latest week by week gardening events on my Organic Gardening Blog... ... and check out 5 below.

If you are still planting tomatoes and peppers include chopped comfrey leaves in the planting hole. And if you have any Comfrey plants (Bocking 14 variety) for sale, do let me know... ...

5 - Grow Your Own Website

Don't forget that you're invited to post pages of about 400 words or so on my website. See the ***Invitation further down.

***BUT FIRST would you consider doing something more rewarding?
Because it's actually not difficult to build your own web site. Think of a topic you really enjoy. Anything from:
"Grandmar Spoils the Kids Here" to "Gardening in The Desert"
or anything else that you might know about.

Now I want to recommend the place that made it all possible for The Home of The Organic Gardener. And not just anything, but a successful web site that works!
Perhaps you too can add extra income to your household while giving your know-how to the wider world. Might you even improve on my efforts?
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I know the mug shot of Ken Evoy that appears when you follow these links may look... well... like a 'mug' to UK visitors... but really folks! this man, is a qualified Doctor, a successful businessman, and founder of 'SiteSell' and he has changed my life... yet he probably knows nothing about gardening. Here's some more...

Of course, you can check that I'm still at home with the next link. Stay at home with There's more on how to add content to my web site below. Please review my pages and LIKE or Recommend.

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**Invitation I'll admit to some reluctance in sharing the above:
So finally, here's my Invitation to you all to add your gardening content to The Home of The Organic Gardener

This function is currently only available on one topic area at But do share your experiences.

One More Time...
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My blog is here.

Wishing You Happy and Healthy Gardening :-)

From: Michael at The Home of The Organic Gardener.

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