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March 01, 2013
are you ready...?
for a big gardening year!

Gardening will be great this year. Down-to-earth, family essentials, health & exercise, from relaxing in a beautiful garden to growing a valuable crop - it's all so rewarding and we all love gardening.
Are you a member of a gardening community?
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I hope that we can make this year a community gardening year and do more things together. Why not join me online?
You can add your own information to The Home of The Organic Gardener (300+ words) starting from the link above.

I'll be adding this functionality to more & more pages this year and...

Here's a link to my Organic Gardening Diary for timely updates on gardening matters.

1 - Growing Potatoes don't miss out - click here,
2 - Flower Gardening Like Never Before - click here,
3 - Upgrading at The Home of The Organic Gardener - click here,
5 - Make Your Own Gardening Page And Join The Others - click here,
4 - Grow Your Own Website - click here,

Link to view this ezine online

1 - Select Potatoes Now & Grow Your Favourite

How could I think of not growing potatoes and miss the pleasures of a mighty flavoursome kitchen and such interesting food? The choice in grow-your-own garden varieties really clinches it.

But don't delay, select your special garden potato - supplies are limited and choice varieties can sell out early.

You'll find choice potatoes on this link for American gardens - plus my U.K. potato garden selections. My tips on growing potatoes are on this link and include many different methods.

2 - Flower Gardening Like Never Before

Don't miss my new information on flower garden design and 15 flower garden ideas. I've added lots of pictures to this last page to help illustrate.

I've written this advice to help you design a beautiful garden or help you improve an existing area. I'll be adding more pages soon - and you are welcome to add your ideas too - see below...

You'll discover a radical difference in style and beauty with organic benefits to match.

3 - Upgrade Progressing at The Home of The Organic Gardener

New filenames are being introduced for some of my pages on flower gardening. I will be including more pictures and more links to other useful information.

Most important will be the opportunity for you to add your information directly to The Home of The Organic Gardener - see below...

Make Your Own Gardening Page

You can add your own information to Home of The Organic Gardener - start with this link to find available invitations.

This is not designed as a typical forum with brief comments - although other visitors can comment on your pages. These pages will let you introduce your own gardening methods and ideas to visitors of

Why not introduce yourself, tell us where you are based, about your gardening conditions, and what you are growing. We don't mind hearing about gardening problems as well as gardening successes.

Let's make this a healthy gardening community where you can find and share important information to help your gardening online. I'll be adding invitations to more and more pages this year but to begin with here's a link to the existing invitations list to add your content.

5 - Grow Your Own Website

Would you consider doing something even more rewarding?

...Because it's actually not difficult to build your own web site. Think of a topic you really enjoy.
Anything from:
"Grandma Spoils the Kids Here" to "Gardening in The Desert" or anything else that you might know about - my link gives you help to choose really good ideas.

Now I want to recommend the place that made it all possible for The Home of The Organic Gardener. And not just any old thing, but a successful web site that works!

Perhaps you too can add extra income to your household while giving your know-how to the wider world. Might you even improve on my efforts? Find out how it works right here.

View this newsletter online here.

My blog is here.

Wishing You Happy and Healthy Gardening :-)

From: Michael at The Home of The Organic Gardener.

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